Smart Address

User Guide

SMARTaddress is an integrated system to cleanse, standardise and geocode Romanian address data. The address cleansing system is based on reference databases and software held on a remote, secure server. The system is accessed as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that you have access to powerful computers over the internet and can manage your data cleansing activities secure in the knowledge that others can't see your confidential data.

Of course, staff are on hand to assist with the process ( should you require clarification or if you encounter any difficulties.

This User Guide will assist you through –

  • The preparation of data (pre-processing)
  • Converting to UTF-16LE
  • Accessing SMARTaddress
  • SMARTaddress – the system
  • Uploading the data to SMARTaddress
  • The address cleansing process
  • Reviewing and downloading the results

Note: This is a living document and if you find errors or feel that the instructions could be improved, please provide feedback to

Download the user guide as a PDF document here.