Smart Address


SMARTaddress is an integrated application for cleansing Romanian address data. The individual functions are:

Address cleansing Identifying the individual address components (county, locality, street type, street name, etc.).
Address standardisation Correcting any mis-spellings, adding diacritics, ensuring conformance to standard abbreviations, taking account of name changes, etc.
Postcode attribution Assigning the correct 6-digit postcode from Poşta Română.
Geocoding (optional) Assigning coordinates to the address.

SMARTaddress is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) and can be accessed over the internet via this website.

It is first necessary to set up an account with Geo Strategies by using the Sign Up form. Once a contract has been agreed and is in place, it is simply a matter of logging in and uploading your address files. The application will then process the data and you can download the results without any further interactions apart from specifying the form of the output i.e. whether you require CAPITAL LETTERS or Proper Case, and whether you require diacritics or not.

Security of your data is assured as access to the SMARTaddress address cleansing engine is only possible from pre-registered IP addresses. In addition, all data transfer is encrypted within a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

All data transfer is protected by a Secure Socket Layer incorporating secure encryption.