Smart Address

Excel Add-In

Geo Strategies have developed an Excel Add-in which is ideal for relatively low volumes of address cleansing and geocoding - typically up to 1,000 records per run. It is possible to process larger volumes of data but the penalty is that it is necessary to stay logged into the application.

The Excel Add-in provides the full suite of address cleansing, postcoding and geocoding services and also has a wide variety of output options.

The benefits of using the Excel Add-in are -

  • The service is instantly available from the Cloud.
  • There is low 'time-to-value' as there are no barriers to obtaining resources such as hardware, implementation and configuration.
  • Users always have access to the very latest software and database updates.
  • There is no on-going need for IT support.

For larger organisations, there is provision for multiple use as the Data manager can install the Excel Add-in on multiple machines and monitor the use centrally.

If you are interested in testing
the SMARTaddress Excel Add-in
please follow these 2 steps:

Step 1:
Download a free copy of the SMARTaddress Add-in for Excel (requires Microsoft Office 2007 or later)

Step 2:
Contact Geo Strategies and you will be provided with a password to extract the files and they will also set up an account which includes 250 free transactions