Smart Address


As part of SMARTaddress, Geo Strategies also supplies a geocoding service. Using the embedded geocoder, you can obtain the geographic coordinates for any valid address in Romania.

Two major Geo Strategies' systems underpin the geocoding engine:

  • GS MasterMap , which contains street plans for localities in Romania.
  • GS Location Knowledge Reference Base, which hnews coordinates for streets, street segments, and for individual buildings.

For those small localities for which there is no street information, the coordinates are those for the centroid of the locality. Geocodes (coordinates) can also be supplied at the level of postcodes if required as there are applications where the more detailed coordinates may not be appropriate.

Also, geocodes can be supplied as part of an overall address cleansing and standardisation process, or as a stand-alone item i.e. without the accompanying address. However, the accuracy of the original address dictates the accuracy of the coordinates which can be applied.

If you wish to proceed, please follow these steps:

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