Smart Address

The Company

Geo Strategies was founded in 1993 and pioneered the use of digital mapping, geo-demographics and GIS in Central and Eastern Europe. At all times, Romania has been at the centre of the most progressive developments of comprehensive databases of locations and points-of-interest in this region. The GIS activities have been based on the MapInfo (now Pitney Bowes) range of products and the mapping has been developed entirely in-house, based on an extensive GPS survey of the entire country. Today the mapping products offered for the region also include those maintained by Navteq.

In 2004, Geo Strategies became the Experian Partner for Romania and developed the Mosaic® geo-demographic segmentation and Micromarketer G3®, an area profiling and analysis system for Romania. These unique information tools provide valuable insight into the demography and behaviour of people and areas across Romania. The tools have been developed using well-established methodologies deployed in 30 countries world-wide and, in Romania, they are used by customers across sectors.

Lifestyle and behaviour are very location dependent and so a knowledge of where people live is critically important for any type of business or commercial analysis. SMARTaddress is a location knowledge-based instrument which unlocks that information and, as any location has coordinates, these provide access to a wealth of instantly actionable information.

Successful business decisions demand accurate data – and for nearly 18 years, Geo Strategies has collected data and developed information and tools to achieve and underpin that accuracy required for competitive advantage.